Friday, April 07, 2006


I picked up some AAPL shares in the past several days, it has recovered strongly from previous low on the news of Windows enabled Intel processor based Macs.

Apple has a slight 2.5% market share in world pc shipments. I tend to believe this strategic shift of letting Macs to support Windows is a huge plus for the company. I used to think of buying a Mac, but was not so comfortable to do it on the worry that I may not be able to continue to use many tools that I have in Windows. Now that worry does not exist any more. I guess more pc shoppers will focus more on Apple's brand name, elegant design, super product quality, and convenient customer support. As the Piper Jaffray research report puts it:
Even "Slight Changes In Market Share Have Significant Impact On Apple's Model."

I am long AAPL.


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